``I'm The American Dragon - Jake Long

Jake Long is a 13 year old American boy living with his Chinese-American Family. He's A Decendant Of The Dragons. He Can Transform Into An American Dragon. As The American Dragon, Its Jake's Duty To Save All Magical Creatures Living In The New York City From The Evil Huntsclan. Jake has a crush on Rose AKA The HuntsGirl.

Trixie and Spud are Jake's Friends. Jake's getting help from Lao Shi and Fu Dog, A Shar Pei,to stop the Huntsman and his Clan. He's a red dragon with green spikes and green hair. His Duty Is To Protect The Magical Creatures Living On WallStreet,Central Park, The Empire State Building,Triborough Troll Bridge,the mystical city between NOHO and SOHO And Hudson Bay. Jake's Sister Is Haley. Jake's Grandpa is Lao Shi, and His Dog His Fu Dog. Amer met Jake In Amer's Adventures: The Movie - The Final Episode (The Final Battle - Amer Vs K.Rool. He Rescued Amer when he was Kidnapped by K.Rool's Klomps! Jake was also at The Final Battle to fight with the rest of Amer's Army Against K.Rool and His Army!