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Kuki Sanban is a Nurse,Hamsters CareTaker And Divisionary Tactics Officer of Sector V. she takes good care of her Rainbow Monkeys because she loves them and knows all about Rainbow Monkeys. she has a crush on her fellow teammate,Numbuh 4. She Hugs Numbuh 4 all the time. Kuki Is In Love With Amer Azmi Rohazam. She Hugs Him And Cares For Him. She Plays Rainbow Monkey with Him! She's excited about the new Manor Amer Azmi Rohazam's Building After The Final Battle Against K.Rool. She and Wally will live together with Amer. she Loves Tickling. she's heard a big secret Amer's been talking about. she heard he's ticklish so she decided to tickle him for fun. She hates Chad (Numbuh 274) Because He Became A Traitor. She tickled Amer even more everywhere on his body except for his bird. She Ultimately Marries Him Nearing The End of Amer's Adventures: The Movie: The Final Episode (The Final Battle) - Amer Vs K.Rool. She's The One That Cheered Amer up after K.Rool Dumped Amer.She's cute,pretty,sweet,and very beautiful

Oufits and Costumes.

Pink Dress

Butterfly Costume - Opreation HALLOWEEN

Pink Party Dress

Party Dress